Deti 3-6  rokov (max 6 detí)  –  85 eur / 3 mesiace ; 45 min x 1 /týždeň

  • Let your kids learn English with a native speaker while having fun
  • Learn English in variety of activities such as play, sing and dance, a bit of arts and crafts and interactive learning
  • Very minimal use of Slovak language during the lesson. Use of visual materials, descriptions and actions rather than direct Slovak translation.
  • Learn and practise English words with proper pronunciation

Adults group (max 5 adults) – conversation only ; 100 eur / 3 months ; 60 mins x 1/week

  • Practise your English communication skills with a native speaker
  • Correct your pronunciation and (re)learn grammar rules during conversation exercises
  • Feel confident to speak in English in front of others
  • Speak confidently in variety of engaging topics
  • Relearn your forgotten English words and expand your vocabulary
  • Materials for learning included in the price***

***except if the student opt to have his/her own textbook

Courses for Company ; 25 eur/ 60mins (1 person) ; 30 eur / 60mins (small group up to 3 people with similar level of English)  ; travel cost included within PB

  • See the importance of English language in different fields – scientific, industrial, technological, commercial, etc.
  • English proficiency can help your employees participate with ease and confidence in the dynamic and competitive business world.
  • Help the employees be more confident and effective in working with foreign business partners, thus opening more doors to international market
  • Eliminate your fear in giving your presentations and proposals in English
  • Be more equipped by gaining access to more information which is published in English.
  • Boost the employees’ personal and professional development through English proficiency

Individual course – 20 eur / 45 mins  ; in-person (our office)  ***for kids and adults

  • Learn more effectively with a tailor made course for your needs and goals.
  • Learn beyond just memorising words. Practise the words you learn with better pronunciation by speaking on a variety of interesting topics.
  • Good opportunity to learn at your own pace with undivided attention from the teacher.
  • Very minimal use of Slovak language during the lesson.
  • Learn with ease be it Business English, day-to-day conversation, for travel, preparing for an English presentation or a job interview.