Firemné vzdelávanie

Kurzy pre firmy ; 25 eur/ 60 min (1 osoba) ; 30 eur / 60 min (malá skupina do 3 osôb s podobnou úrovňou angličtiny); v rámci Považskej Bystrice bez príplatku za cestovné

  • See the importance of English language in different fields – scientific, industrial, technological, commercial, etc.
  • English proficiency can help your employees participate with ease and confidence in the dynamic and competitive business world.
  • Help the employees be more confident and effective in working with foreign business partners, thus opening more doors to international market
  • Eliminate your fear in giving your presentations and proposals in English
  • Be more equipped by gaining access to more information which is published in English.
  • Boost the employees’ personal and professional development through English proficiency